You can still upload proposals. In your description, you can note any Fridays in the month of April that you are not available, since the conference will occur on a Friday.

We encourage proposals that address this year’s theme: “CITIZEN 2021: POWER IN NUMBERS.” Given that 2020 is the year of a presidential election and a U.S. Census survey, we’re exploring issues of citizenship and non-citizenship, franchise and disenfranchisement, cultural and global citizenship, civic engagement and public commons, counting and being counted, and having a voice and being heard. 

Presentations that are hands-on and interactive and that resonate strongly with this year's theme will be prioritized. Presentations that can be offered bilingually in English and Spanish will receive special consideration.

Presentation topics could include one or more of the following (but are not limited to): 

  • Undocu rights, immigration policy and reform, anti-xenophobia
  • border militarization, criminalization of immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers
  • anti-war and peace movements; challenging militarism and the military-industrial state
  • mass incarceration, state violence, criminalization of youth of color
  • racial justice, structural racism vs. interpersonal racism
  • understanding social, cultural, and racial privilege
  • women’s empowerment, reproductive rights, equal pay
  • #MeToo Movement, workplace harassment and sexual assault
  • LGBTQI rights, combating homophobia and transphobia, UndocuQueer identities
  • indigenous knowledge, resistance, and decolonization
  • economic inequality, anti-poverty efforts
  • homelessness, housing insecurity, gentrification
  • labor organizing, workers’ rights, pay equity
  • sustainability, conservation, environmental racism
  • fire recovery and disaster capitalism
  • food justice, sustainable agriculture, combatting food deserts
  • voter rights, voter suppression, gerrymandering, district elections
  • self-care in contexts of struggle
  • healthcare access and reform, social determinants of health
  • educational equity, access, reform, ethnic studies
  • popular education, political-organizing theory, direct-action training
  • mental health access/parity/stigma
  • arts as a form of activism and organizing tool
  • media access and representation, media and information literacy
  • freedom of speech, First Amendment rights

Submission Deadline: TBD

For questions please contact Dr. Amanda Morrison, SRJC Petaluma Our House Intercultural Center Coordinator, at amorrison@santarosa.edu707-778-2427









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