We the Future Social Justice Conference

This year's theme is "POWER IN NUMBERS"

Hosted by SRJC Petaluma and North Bay Organizing Project (NBOP)

This day-long conference aims to raise consciousness and inspire action. For those feeling the call toward political engagement, We the Future offers an opportunity to build solidarity among activists of color, working-class folks, interfaith allies, feminists, members of the LGBTQ+ community, immigrants and the undocumented, labor organizers, and environmentalists whose diverse work is united by a desire to build a more just, humane world. 

Our theme this year is “POWER IN NUMBERS.” We're exploring forms of power, community, and organizing; diversity and coalition building; democracy and mass mobilization; counting and being counted; the role of science, statistics, aggregates and disaggregates in social justice; and tensions between individualistic and collectivist worldviews.

For questions please contact Dr. Amanda Morrison, SRJC Petaluma Our House Intercultural Center Coordinator, at amorrison@santarosa.edu, 707-778-2427